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At Little Foxes there is nothing that makes us happier than hearing feedback from the parents and children who come to learn and play with us.  Here are a few examples of what our community have had to say:

Amy, parent

My son Fred absolutely loves Little Foxes!  It's had a massive impact on his imagination and creativity.  His attention span goes on for so much longer when he's outdoors, and he can't wait to recreate what he's done when he gets back home.  He's not fazed by any weather  now and he can't resist a muddy puddle!  Fred has also learnt tons of life skills regarding fire, safety and boundaries.  He just loves  it I can't thank you enough!

Sheila, Grandmother

My Grandson Ted has been coming to Little Foxes for two years and it has just been incredible to see the progression he has made in his play.  He has so much freedom to explore and this has helped him with his problem solving.  I'm a retired reception teacher and I've always seen the value in outdoors play.  Watching Ted problem solving,and taking the experiences he has here and developing them in other areas of life has been so rewarding.  We've signed up his younger sister already and she's only 4 months old!  

Josh, 4 years old

I love the dough breads that we are  making on a fire and the ice to play with because it has funny things in it.  I can melt it with my fingers!  I like to go bug hunting with my friend Rafa and  I really like my forest school teachers as they are soo nice.  I like to climb up trees and I like to build a base.  I like the marshmallows we cook and I like making a pyramid out of sticks.  

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