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We are absolutely firm in our belief that children thrive when they are fed healthy, nutritious, wholesome food.  Our focus is on seasonal, fresh, local produce. Claire is our fantastic nursery chef and she has created a carefully balanced menu that makes sure that the children have something delicious and homemade to eat every day. 


Where we can we will have children cooking on the fire themselves and we are lucky that our forest environment has an abundance of produce from blackberries to wild garlic that we can forage for.  During the winter months, warming soups and casseroles are served and in summer we love to enjoy a picnic in the meadows.  We regularly hold a campfire cooking weeks where the children will have the opportunity to cook themselves snacks fresh on the fire. These range from homemade bread to popcorn and so much more.  If your child has any dietary requirements please do let us know and we will do our very best to accommodate them. 


Little Foxes Forest School was awarded a Food Hygiene Rating of 5 (Very Good) Bristol City Council for both our HQ food preparation area in 2024 and our woodland camp cooking area in 2019. 



sample menu


Snack:  Oat cakes and warm natural fruit tea.


Lunch:  Lizzie's homemade leek and potato soup with bread twists cooked by children over the fire.


Pudding: Warm rice pudding served with stewed fruit


Snack:   Tasty rice cakes and warm natural fruit tea.


Lunch:  Hearty cheesy courgette pasta bake


Pudding: Fresh orange sponge cake


Snack:  Twisty giant bread sticks and warm natural fruit tea.


Lunch: Warming vegetable ratatouille served with cous cous


Pudding: granola flapjack with oats, dried fruit and seeds.  Fresh blueberries

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