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We have been lucky enough to secure access to all of Stoke Park Estate for our Forest School.  Using one of the largest and most diverse areas of wildlife and forest (all within a few minutes' drive of residential areas in North Bristol), means we can choose from three log circle areas within the woods to set up our camp.  There are also meadows in the summer, and sheltered areas ready for den building and bluebell walks depending on the season.   Pick up will always take place at Stoke Park Primary School where we have our very own classrooms, garden and log circle area.  This is where we decamp to at the end of the day.  We will choose our precise site for the day dependent on the children's learning objectives and the weather.  See below for further details and a map.

For new enquiries about the preschool please contact or call 07365 491361 Monday to Thursday term time only.

For existing parents here are the group phone numbers:

Bumblebee group phone: 07737155753

Mini Foxes group phone: 07460407733

Ladybirds group phone: 07454420397

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