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How do I sign my child up to Little Foxes Forest Nursery or Monday playgroup?

Click here to find out how to book a place for your child.  If you'd like to speak to someone for further information, call us on 07456 953035 or email us at  All enquiries will be responded to within 24 hours on business working days.

Do I have options about how many days I can sign up for at the nursery?

Yes, you can sign up for two, three or four days at Little Foxes Forest Nursery.  You can chose to do the core hours each day or 9:30am, to 2:30pm, or we have wraparound care available if you'd like to extend their day to be 8am to 5:30pm.

Can I visit to find out more about what sessions will be like?

We run regular open mornings to find out more about us.  Visit our open day page or please enquire here if you'd like to go on the mailing list to hear about the next one.  If you can't make open morning dates you can get a good flavour of the nursery by attending our Monday playgroup.  Just drop us a note and we'll let you know how we can help.

Can I use government funding to apply for my place?

Yes.  Your child is able to access 570 hours or 1140 hours of free early education or childcare per year from the term after their third birthday. From Spring 2024 two year old will also be eligible for 15 hours of government funding if both parents are working. Please see our fees and pricing page for further information.  

What do you do when it rains or the weather is really bad?

Come rain or shine the children at Little Foxes play outdoors.  All children will have been supplied with high quality waterproofs and we find that the rain simply offers more opportunities for them to explore, get muddy and interact with their surroundings.  During winter we erect sheltered cosy tents available in the forest if needs be, and we find that the trees in the forest offer us a natural protection.  


Should we deem the weather to be dangerous in the woods (i.e. strong winds or lightening) we can always decamp back to our preschool building where we have access to our very own classroom, kitchen, toilets and sheltered garden area.  We find that so long as the children are dressed in warm clothes, they have gloves and are not exposed to high winds, they are always happy to keep playing outdoors.  We have based our nursery on the Scandinavian model of outdoor learning.  We reason that if they enjoy and thrive learning outdoors, we can manage it too!

How does it work with waterproofs?  

As part of your admin and waterproof fee you will be provided with 100% waterproof jacket and trousers for your child.  It is a Pre-school requirement that your child comes in wearing these clothes each day to meet the requirements of our safeguarding policy.  If you'd like to purchase an additional set you can do so from us or alternatively we can put you in touch with our supplier directly.  

What happens if there's an accident?

We find children who play outdoors often become adept at assessing the risks, and understanding their capabilities.  We do however have an evacuation plan for emergencies or incidents. In case of an accident a first aider will attend to your child whilst another member of staff will go to meet medical staff if necessary to bring them to the site. Alternatively, for less serious situations, we will take your child back to our indoor base and treat them there.  We have the online system, Tapestry where we record updates about your childs day and you will receive a live email update if any minor incidents occur in the woods.

How to the children go to the toilet in the forest?

We put up a special toilet tent in the forest with potettes for children to use.  They are offered privacy and there is warm water and soap available for washing hands.  We ask that children come in with extra clothes in case of any accidents. 

Do you accommodate for children who still need a nap or a rest during the day? 

Yes we will have a cosy quiet tent area with sleeping bags and books.  We also create a cosy place for your child to snuggle down in our fleet of double buggies.  Your child will be welcome to rest here at any point during the day, or if you'd like them to nap at a particular time just let us know.  We will work with your family to ensure your child's needs are met.

Is there parking available for pick up and drop off?

Yes parking spaces are available on Romney Avenue and at our indoor base so you can drop off and pick up your children with ease.

How do you get to the forest site?

We will walk to the forest site each day from the entrance to Stoke Park Estate adjacent to the Lockleaze Youth and Playspace BS7 9TD.  We are just a 5 minute walk across the meadows (at a 3 year old pace) to our regular log circle.  We operate an adult to child ratio of 1:4 for our 2 year olds and 1:5 for our 3-4 year olds.

How do you keep my child safe if there are no fences to the site?

Safeguarding is of utmost importance to us. The standard adult to child ratio at this age is 1:13 however we will be operating at 1:4 (for two year olds) and 1:5 (for three year olds) so we can always have a line of sight to your child.  We will set boundaries to our site each morning using stakes and signs (and often determined by the children) to ensure everyone is kept safe.  All children will be wearing their brightly coloured waterproofs so they are easy to spot.  We also operate a golden rule that we go through everyday, whereby children must always be able to see a Little Foxes Adult.

Can members of the public access the site?

We have booked our forest site/s through Bristol City Council.  Whilst members of the public such as dog walkers etc will have access to the Estate as a whole, our particular sites are signposted with our boundary signs so they generally respect our space.  Our adult to child ratio also ensures the children are kept safe. 

How do we feed the children in the forest?

We are absolutely passionate about food and providing children with fresh, healthy and wholesome home cooked meals. Our chef Claire cooks a warm and healthy meal for the children and brings it to them to eat in the forest.  To see a sample menu click here.

Any more questions?

Have another question?  If we haven't answered your question here please do drop us a note on or via our questions page and we'll be happy to help.

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