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Little foxes Parents 


Parents and families play a crucial role in the Little Foxes family. Below you can access information related to the general well-being of your child and how we look into their play and learning at Forest School.


If you need any more information please get in touch

EYFS Curriculum

At Little Foxes, we use Birth to 5 Matters as a guide to check that the children are progressing in line with others at their age.


The guidance also helps us to meet the requirements of the Early years foundation stage statutory framework (EYFS).


The framework sets out the three prime areas of learning that underpin everything in the early years:

  • Communication and language

  • Physical development

  • Personal, social and emotional development


The four specific areas help children to strengthen and apply the prime areas:


  • Literacy

  • Mathematics

  • Understanding the world

  • Expressive arts and design


In addition to using the EYFS framework we have developed our own curriculum, unique to Little Foxes. In that we demonstrate how we cover all areas of learning but also how we progressively cover some topics more specific to our setting, such as woodwork, beach school and tree climbing.  We ensure that every child has the opportunity to practise learning, discovering and creating in these areas and harnessing the natural surroundings we have at our disposal. 


At Little Foxes, we believe in equal opportunity and our extremely dedicated team of practitioners work together with the families to make sure that every child's individual needs are catered for.

Accordng to the Department of Education, special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) can affect a child or young person’s ability to learn. They can affect their:

  • behaviour or ability to socialise, for example they struggle to make friends

  • reading and writing, for example because they have dyslexia

  • ability to understand things

  • concentration levels, for example because they have ADHD

  • physical ability

Below are links to relevant information about the government support available for SEN children:


You can also email our special educational needs coordinator (SENCO) directly:


SENCO Stacey Parsons:

Recommended kit

We love getting messy and enjoying the outdoors as much as possible. In order for everyone to enjoy themselves as much s possible outside, it is important to be prepared for the day, depending on the weather and time of year.


Please refer to our recommended kit list

daily routines

Being an outdoors nursery, we have a very flexible program, which allows us to adapt the daily routines depending on the location that we use and the weather each day. Nevertheless, our daily activities follow a general scheme:

9:30 AM - Arrivals and introductory talk

9:40 AM - Morning snack 

10:00 AM - Free play

11:30 AM - Lunch

12:00 PM - Free play

13:30 PM - Walk back

14:15 PM - End of day snack, story and day’s recap

14:30 PM - Home time



  • We believe that children and adults are happier and healthier outdoors.

  • We believe that the most important things we can teach children are to be independent, curious, resilient, confident and kind.

  • We want our environment to be a place where everyone feels valued, supported, nurtured and has a voice.


  1. We aim for children to embrace nature and the variety it brings.

  2. We aim for learning in our environment to be dynamic, flexible, child-led and above all enjoyable.

  3. We aim to create a culture where all children, staff and parents/ carers can feel listened to and have the opportunity to be confident communicators.

  4. We aim to give children every opportunity to be self-sufficient, confident and independent.

Any Questions?

Have a look at our FAQs section or drop us an email on and we'll be happy to help.

EYFS Curriculum
Daily Routines
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